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shoulda went ahead
and fixed it all a long time ago
coulda been ahead
and screamin at the pack vamanos
woulda coulda shoulda
but i never move
all i do is say i'm gonna do it
need some better shoes
i could be a star
shinin brighter than the ones in the sky
but you never see the back
just the front and the side
it's the ones that'll hide you need to find
the ones that'll fly that need to dive
it's a one track mind
keeps my head floatin around
and draggin my body along
half of my body is gone
what's left is wrong
wanna see the right side
cos i can't stand the bright side
only time i'm ever fine at all is nighttime
i might find what i look for
if i actually take the time to look
study up
what's the book for?
if it's just one long verse
what's the hook for?
been on the burner way too long
to need to cook more

wheels turnin
ain't movin
fuel's burnin
fate's stupid
i wasn't meant to be stuck
this wasn't meant to be

if i let you in you ain't gonna like it
it's not a nice place
got a match?
better strike it
it's dark
hell is like this
hell i might just stay
i'm used to it
hell i might just take the fuse to it
light it up
wind it up
pull it back
let it move fast
let it cruise
put my foot on the dash
could only ask
for a thousand and one more things
but if i could only ask for one
it would be for one more swing
there's no autotune in baseball
it's either find the right pitch yourself
or head taste wall
plates fall down if they spin too long
bodies floatin down a muddy river
better get your swimsuit on
there's no lifeguard
so fight hard against the current
even if it just seems
like the past is reoccurin
you can try swim it
but there ain't no future in it
it only takes you back to the beginnin

wheels turnin
ain't movin
fuel's burnin
fate's stupid
i wasn't meant to be stuck
this wasn't meant to be


from 9000, released May 22, 2012
Vocals/Melodies/Lyrics: Charles Only
Production and bgvs: TwoName
Cuts: DJ Paul Nyce


all rights reserved



The Yes Yes Yalls New Jersey

Singer/Emcee Charles Only and Producer/Multi-Instrumentalist Twoname Jenkins make noise together. That noise is pretty cool.

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